Dividend Update – PEP,PM,MO,GSK,O,WPC

Hello readers,

How are you? As I have to work both Saturday and Sunday, I am not very happy on this weekend, but good news is that I received the following gross dividends.

– Jan 7th $35.13 from PepsiCo(PEP)
– Jan 8th $102 from Philip Morris International(PM)
– Jan 11th $170.07 from Altria Group(MO)
– Jan 14th $54.90 from GlaxoSmithKline PLC(GSK)
– Jan 15th $29.60 from Realty Income(O)
– Jan 15th $96.40 from W.P. Carey(WPC)

With these dividends, my gross dividend income for January 2016 has become $568.70, which is $68.62 shy from the divided income in the same month a year earlier.

Disclosure: Long PEP, PM,MO,GSK,O,WPC




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