Summary of 2015 : non-investment income

Hello readers,

Today I would like to review my take-home income from my daytime job and expenses.

In 2015, I made JPY 8,308,381 ($69,237) as take-home pay. I feel how Japanese have become poorer due to yen’s depreciation.

My total expenses were JPY 5,630.169. I saved JPY 2,678,212. My saving rate was about 32%.  The breakdown of the expenses is as follows.

  • Municipal tax and pension 26%
  • Grocery including dining out  25%
  • Rent  19%
  • Clothes  8%
  • Travel and transportation  7%
  • Liquor (Sake)  3%
  • Others  22%

To my surprise , I paid the most to municipal tax and private pension. My take-home pay was after national tax , health insurance and national pension.  I came to realize that Japan is imposing its citizens very high tax and other social security related taxes as Nordic countries, but the social safety net in Japan is far poorer than Norway, Sweden and so on. But I cannot control those expenses.

What I need to do this year in 2016 is to reduce the expenses on grocery including dining out. In total I spent JPY 1,366,477 ($11,387). Since I live alone , it is extremely high.  Being a foodie is my trait, but I can eat better without spending this much money on food.

Let’s see how I will reduce the food related expenses.




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