Dividend Increase – BA

I overlooked this fantastic dividend increase.

On December 14, Boeing (NYSE: BA) declared a quarterly dividend of $1.09 per share, or $4.36 annualized. This is a 19.8% increase from the prior dividend of $0.91.

The dividend will be payable on March 4, 2016, to stockholders of record on February 12, 2016, with an ex-dividend date of February 10, 2016.

My YOC has increased to 3.1 percent from 2.6%.

Boeing’s board of directors has raised the company’s authorization for its share repurchase program to $14 billion. The new $14 billion repurchase authorization replaces the $12 billion authorization approved last December, of which $5.25 billion remained. Share repurchases for 2015 have been completed for a year-end total of $6.75 billion.

Repurchase activity is expected to resume in January 2016. The timing and volume of repurchases are at the discretion of Boeing management, however it is expected that repurchases under the new share authorization will be made over the next two to three years.

Boeing has increased the dividend for five consecutive years and has paid a dividend consistently for more than 75 years.

I like Boeing !!!

Disclosure: Long BA




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