Dividend Update – PFG, VGR, TROW

Hello readers,

How do you spend your new year eve? I just came back from a four day trip that was necessary for me to vitalize myself.
While I was travelling, I received from the following gross dividends.

On December 28, a gross dividend of $30.40 from Principal Financial Group (PFG)

On December 29, a gross dividend of $46.00 from Vector Group (VGR)

On December 30, a gross dividend of $23.40 from T.Row Prioce (TROW)

With these dividends, my gross dividend income for December has become $1,524.52. In 2015 total, my gross dividend income has amounted to $13,997.35 which is about $100 more than the gross dividend income I made in 2014.

Disclosure: Long PFG, VGR, TROW




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