Dividend Update – BP,ESV,BLK,LMT

Hello readers,

How’s your weekend? Because I will be on vacation until January 3rd from today, I am happy in that respect. An important thing is to forget about work during the holidays.

Let me update you on the following gross dividend income.

– December 18th $108 from BP plc (BP)
– December 18th $7.95 from Ensco plc (ESV)
– December 23rd $13.08 from BlackRock (BLK)
– December 24th $151.80 from Lockheed Martin(LMT)

As a result of receiving these dividends, my gross dividend income for December 2015 has become $1,424.72. There is $357.15 to go in order to match the dividend income I made in the same month a year earlier.
However, on a full year basis I have already exceeded the gross dividend income I made in 2014 by $1.91.

Disclosure: Long BP,ESV,BLK,LMT




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