How he made it to FI

This is the second story about Simon. According to one of his blog posts, he saved JPY 25MM from paychecks (17 years of service) and he made JPY 60MM profits from his investment in Japanese stocks (12 years of experience) .  With JPY 70MM stock portfolio and JPY 20MM cash, he went into Financial Independence in October 2014. He said that he invested about 80% of his paycheck every time he received and even did margin tradings. But obviously, he is skillful enough to make enough income out of stock investment. For him, dividends are just bonus.

In addition, he is frugal. He said that he can make living with JPY 120K. Therefore he needs only JPY 1,440k annual income. Since his portfolio was JPY 70MM, he thought 3% gross dividend income would easily cover his living costs. Then he decided to quit his company and has become completely financially independent.

In conclusion , he is not a dividend growth stock investor at all. He is simply very talented at stock investment.  He has now double earning engines – making a huge capital gain (JPY 15M per year) and dividends (JPY 2.1M or more per year).  Therefore, he will never financially fail. He is a self-made millionaire. What a guy he is.




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