FI achiever’s annual income

I regularly read “Living Alone with Dividends” written by Simon. According to him, he is in his 30’s , lives in Western Japan and has been living out of his investment income in stocks since 2014. His assets is about $1 MM. On December 19th, he disclosed his annual capital gain income in his blog post. To my surprise and admiration, even without dividend income, he made about $100k after tax capital gain. He said that he would receive dividend income ( I guess his YOC is about 4%) besides $100k.

He is not a day trader and he said that he didn’t trade during the day. I guess that he makes an limit order good for more than a day.

It is envious that he often travels by his bike.  Although I am still reading the archive of his blog posts from the past, he has made fortune to invest in small  and mid cap Japanese stocks. As he used to be a company employee, he level-edged margin accounts.

What I learned from his blog thus far is that dividend investment alone doesn’t help you achieve financial independent.  His risk taking enabled him to accumulate $1M assets. He is my role model. I really want to learn how he can make such a big profits out of stock investment in small/mid-cap Japanese stocks.  To that end, I decided to read all his blog posts. I really want to be financially independent as soon as possible. With merely $14,000 gross dividend income per year, FI is far away from where I am now.



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