Whether I am a good investor or not

Hello readers,
We have a longer weekend (Monday is a holiday because Sunday was a national holiday) in Japan, but the weather is not very favorable for outdoor activities.

Today I would like to review my win ratio in stock investment. I have 59 different positions in my portfolio. Out of them, 34 are in the money and the balance is out of the money. This means that my win ration thus far is 58%. I think that this is a very bad record, given that the S&P 500 index has almost doubled since 2010. Total unrealized return of my portfolio is 12.5% as of today.

I was wondering what the Yield-On-Cost of S&P 500 is like if I simply have invested in the index alone in the past 5 years. The YOC of my portfolio is 4.6%. If I am beaten by the index even in YOC, I stop picking stocks and just put my money in the index.

## I got some information on S&P 500 index dividend.
Current S&P 500 Dividend Growth: 10.43% as of 2015/11/23
S&P 500 Dividend Growth for Sep 2015
Mean: 5.80%
Median: 5.24%
Min: -21.07% (Dec 2009)
Max: 18.25% (Dec 2012)

In 2012, the dividend yield of the index was about 2.0%. If the data above is an annualized growth rate, the YOC of my investment in the index in 2012 would have been now 3.3%, but unrealized gain must have been more or less 64%. Wow, the dividend yield is 1.3% less, but the gain is 50% more. Obviously the index have been beating me by a very high margin.




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