Dividend Update – ACN, KMI, TXN

Hello readers,

How’s your week? I had a hectic one, but I could go to gym 4 out 5 days. So that’s good. However, I need to work some hours from home. during this weekend.  Monday is a national holiday and most Japanese will enjoy a longer weekend, so it is a bit sad.

I received the following gross dividends at my brokerage account in Japan.

November 13     $55 from Accenture (ACN)
$102 from Kinder Morgan (KMI)
November 16 $22.80 from Texas Instruments (TXN)

With these dividends, my gross dividend income for 2015 November and for 2015 YTD have amounted to $747.39 and $12,245.11 respectively.

Disclosure: Long ACN, KMI, TXN




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