Growth of My Net Worth

Hello readers,

How’s your weekend? First of all, I would like to extend my condolence to victims and their families of terror attacks both in Paris and Beirut.
In Tokyo we have rainy weekend and that weather actually helps me concentrate on my work. It is sad to work on weekend, but I have to accept the situation because I failed to become financially independent. Work hard until accumulating wealth.

I would like to review the growth of my net worth. Since May 2014, I have kept my net worth comprising of JPY cash, JPY stocks, US$ cash and US$ stocks. To eliminate the impact of exchange rate between JPY and US$, I use the fixed rate, which is $1 is JPY 100.

Blue line represents the total net worth. My net worth as of yesterday is 17% up compared to May 2014. Green line indicates the US$ stock portion of my net worth, it is 27 up. The reason for the rise is not my success of investment, but the fact that I have aggressively shifted my cash into US$ stocks. Although I make my day time income in JPY, JPY cash portion(red line) of my net worth is almost as much as in May 2014. The reason is the same just stated.

The best time was both June and July this year when my net worth was 20% up from May 2014.

How’s the growth trend of your net worth?

Net worth trend



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