Dividend Update – DOW, PCEF

Hello readers,

How are you today? Today is a national holiday here in Japan and I went to a bar with a friend and stayed there until late night. Therefore, I have some hangover. I have another dividend update.
On October 30, I received the following gross dividends.
-$21 from Dow Chemical (DOW)
-24.7 from PowerShares CEF Income Composite ETF(PCEF)

As to DOW, I have already exchanged these shares to OLIN’s. From next February, I expect to receive $51.2 from OLN as a quarterly gross dividend.

My gross dividend income for October 2015 is thus far $701.08. I am supposed to receive a few more dividends in October (my Japanese brokerage company doesn’t inform me of a dividend in a timely manner).

Disclosure: Long PCEF, DOW, OLN




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