Using Google Sheet to manage my portfolio

During last night , I came across an interesting blog post by Dividend Guy. In which Dividend Guy introduced another blog called All About Interest to readers by saying that “All about interest shares an interesting (and complete)Google Doc to follow your stocks. I’m not the best guy to follow my stocks daily, but if you want a tool to help you track everything, I think you will like this!”
Yes, I actually did. I copied a sample and create my own spread sheet. For the safety of my assets, I cannot show you my entire portfolio, but please find below the partial veiw of my portfolion in the Google Sheet.
my portfolio by Google doc
Obviously this is useful. I automatically convert my dividend income in US$ into JPY using a Google Finance function. Going forward I will be able to track my portfolio as long as I have an Internet connection.
Thank you both, Dividend Guy and All About Interest.


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  1. Hi, I’m Hachi-dou, Kyu-dou from Japan. I guess you could Japanese living in Japan, Your blog is impressive for me same as other overseas dividend blogger.
    Anyway, I also have “TAL, around 42$ * 75 share” . OMG. What’s should we do?



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