Dividend Update – CSCO,GE

Hello readers,

How’s your week? Mine was a tough one. I had to stay in the office until 8 or 9pm, which is tough to me given that I am in my 50’s.
I would like to retire as soon as possible, but I know from my failure of an attempt of early retirement that impatience will ruin me.
Setting that anxiety aside, I would like to update you on my recent dividend income.

On October 21, I received a gross dividend of $42 from Cisco Systems (CSCO) and on October 26, I received a gross dividend of $46 from General Electric (GE). With theses dividends, my gross dividend income for October has become $655.38, which is $353.5 less than my dividend income in the same period a year earlier. The difference is mostly due to my sell of DX shares.  I checked the price of DX. It was $6.63 at the end of the last trading day . I sold DX shares at $7.8 in May. Therefore I made a right decision.

Disclosure; Long CSCO, GE




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