My net worth 2015 October

Hi readers,

How’s your blue Monday? I dealt with it well this week. Just keeping myself busy helped me forget about the Monday.

Today I would like to disclose the breakdown of my net wroth.
First of all,US stocks, the biggest asset in my wealth account for 56%. Second Japanese yen cash that I regard as contingency assets represents 37%.  Japanese stocks and US$ cash are just 5% and 2% respectively. Maybe many of you suggest that I convert Japanese cash into more US stocks. No, I am very conservative to touch this reserved cash. In 2009 and 2010 I lost $300,000 due to forex trading and I don’t want to repeat this kind of critical mistake. Hard lessons learned.

Although I didn’t put exact amount of my net worth here, you can easily guess my net worth because I wrote my dividend income and YOC in other articles of this blog.
What does your net worth look like?

net worth as of Oct 18



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