My dividend income projection for next 10 years

Hi readers, how’s your weekend? Again, I am working at home even on Sunday, but this weekend, I didn’t work on Saturday.
I did a simple simulation for the future. On average I have $1,200 gross dividend income per month now. I just simply projected my future monthly gross dividend income without reinvesting dividends ( for the sake of simplification) for next 10 years in the case of DAGR 5%, 7.5%,10% and 15%. DAGR is Dividend Annualized Growth Rate. As you can see, if DAGR is 10% or larger, I will have more than $3,000 gross dividend income and can retire if inflation rate is low enough. However, most likely scenario is DAGR 5%. In that case, my monthly gross dividend income is projected as follows. Obviously I won’t be able to retire even at 62. Life will be tough for me. What I can do is to add $25,000 – $30,000 new money per year to build my dividend growth portfolio when I work as a company employee. I don’t think I can work for another 5 years. I will burn out in three years or so. Time is short. I wish I could have started earlier this investment strategy.

2015 –  $1,200
2016 – $1,260
2017 – $1,323
2018 – $1,389
2019 – $1,459
2020 – $1,532
2021 – $1,608
2022 – $1,689
2023 – $1,773
2024 – $1,862
2025 – $1,955


dividend projection



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