Lorillard(LO) I will badly miss you

I have been extremely happy being a shareholder of Lorillard (LO)’s for years. As of June 11, my 200 LO shares generated $118.8 gross dividend income every quarter with 6.8% of YOC and it was 83.4% in the money against the acquiring costs. I enjoyed dividend growth twice during the course of my shareholdership. According to my account  at e*Trade, I received $10,100 cash and 58 RAI shares. 58 RAI shares mean that $38.86 quarterly gross dividend, which is 67% down from what I earned as a LO shareholder. RAI is not a dividend growth stock. Therefore, I may need to sell the entire position of RAI in the near future. I would like to know other ex LO shareholders’s plan.


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