Dividend Update – WFC

On June 1, I received $37.5 gross dividend from WFC, which is $2.5 or 7% larger than the dividend I received in the previous quarter. With this, the gross dividend income for June 2015 has amounted to $291.50.

By the way, the stock price of WMT(Wal-Mart stores) at the time of writing is $73.44 and I sold a put at $74.5. Therefore I am pretty sure that I will own 100 shares of WMT by June 12.


「Dividend Update – WFC」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Awesome results from WFC. That’s a stock that I have held for almost 8 years. I plan to keep it a lot longer in my portfolio. The only other American banks I like is USB. In general I prefer the Canadian banks and have TD, BNS and RY. Thanks for sharing.


    1. We cannot time the market, but in hindsight i was fortunate to buy WFC on the dip. My position of TD is quite opposite. It is far out of the money. I will look into the banks you mentioned.
      Thanks for the comment.




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