The first option trade in my life has been executed

I have been considering adding WMT to my portfolio because it is one of the Dividend Aristocrats and I would like to add Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct dividend paying stock (WMT pays a dividend in June instead of July though).
I plan to own WMT for years, so selling a cash secure put for WMT makes sense especially because now I know how successful Dividend Dreams is in options trading.

On June 3, my Sell 1 WMT Jun 12 ’15 $74.50 Put order was Executed @ $0.45. I received $34.23 net proceeds from this trade. I am willing to buy 100 WMT shares at $74.5, which is 2.63% initial yield on cost. That would be great. Let’s see whether or not the other party will exercise the option by June 12.



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