Recent Buy – OHI

If you remember my post yesterday, I put a limit order of OHI shares at $35.39 good for 60 days. To my surprise, that order was executed at $35.3. When I put that order, the share price of OHI was $36.04. For the past 24 hours OHI share has downed about 3%. I don’t know whether I was lucky or it is a bad sign for further slide of OHI share price. Initiating 100 shares of OHI will increase $216 of my expected annual gross dividend income . With purchase price $35.3 plus commission ($9.99) my starting yield on cost is 6.1%

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. is a real estate investment firm. The firm invests in the real estate markets of United States. It invests in healthcare facilities, primarily in SNF (skilled nursing facilities) . OHI is a Dividend Contender with an 13 year streak of dividend increases.


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  1. Congrats on adding this company to your portfolio, DivSamurai. That 6%+ yield is hard to beat…and im sure the dividends will keep you happy for your holding period.

    Congrats on adding $216 to your dividend income


    1. Dear R2R,

      Thank you for the warm words. Without your post, I would have overlooked this great and bargain stock.
      In addition, I learned another thing about placing a limit order good for more than one day. This wasn’t expected, but on the very next day I could buy OHI stocks 3% cheaper than the day I actually placed an order.



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