Dividend Update – TD, VZ

As I said in the past posts again and again, I have US stocks not only at my E*Trade account, but also at my Japanese brokerage account. In the latter case, I don’t directly own stocks, but my Japanese brokerage owns my shares on behalf of me.  Trading at the Japanese brokerage costs me $27 per trade and there is always delay (about a week) when I receive dividends. So it is not very convenient for me. However, Japan’s tax authority is not happy if I frequently wire my money to E*Trade in the US from my Japanese bank. Reluctantly I need to continue to trade US stocks at my Japanese brokerage although it doesn’t make sense economically.

On April 30 I received $41.76 from TD and on May 1 VZ paid me $50.6 as dividend. These are all pre-tax basis (my dividend income is subject to both US and Japanese income tax and it it a bit complicated to calculate an actual tax. Therefore I decided to report my dividend income on a pre-tax basis in this blog).

With TD’s dividend, my total gross dividend income for April amounts to $1,272.02 and thanks to VZ’s dividend my gross dividend income for May thus far is $520.02.

By the way, on my way to home from the office, I got an alert that Verizon Wireless would acquire AOL for $4B. I was very disappointed about this news. This $4B is a total waste of money and VZ should have returned that much money to our shareholders. In my view AOL is not a growth engine for VZ and VZ management will fail to integrate AOL into VZ without destructing values. How do you think? Please let me your analysis of this corporate merger.




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