Need to add Jan/Apr/Jul/Sep dividend paying stocks

As I said twice in the past posts, I need to make up for a blank created by parting with Dynex Capital shares (DX), which gave me about $250 gross dividend per quarter. Thus I have been looking for dividend growth stocks paying dividend in January, April, july and September. Many fellow investors reported their April dividend income in their blog, so I checked out their income. The followings are the common stocks that they possess (I excluded the stocks I have already had)

** “Baxter International Inc. (BAX)” – Yield 3% Payout 48.2%
** “Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT)” – Yield 2.5% Payout 38.9%
* “Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. (OHI)” – Yield 5.9% Payout 122.7%
X “Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW)” – Yield 1.1% Payout 14.2%
X “Medtronic PLC (MDT)” – Yield 1.6% Payout 39.2%
** “Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)” – Yield 4.3% Payout 50.1%
X “Kraft Foods Group Inc. (KRFT)” – Yield 3.2% Payout 158.2%
** “Diageo plc (DEO)” – Yield 3.2% Payout 76.1%
* “The Chubb Corporation (CB)” – Yield 2.1% Payout 25%

I gave two stars to BAX,WMT, BNS and DEO. Although OHI’s payout ratio is a way too high (122.7%), it is REIT, so I would like to consider OHI as well. A tricky one is BAX because it will split into two separate companies by mid-2015 as many of you know that. I don’t know how to evaluate a stock under the such circumstances.

Which stocks do you prefer to add?

Full disclosure: I own none of the stocks mentioned in this post.



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