Trip to my home town

I made a three day trip to my home town on the sea of Japan from Tokyo. One thing I like about Japan is no matter where you are, you can find some locally brewed Sake. This time I enjoyed five different brands of sake. What you see in the picture is Hayaseura, which is brewed in a small fishing village on the sea of Japan.IMG_20150508_125352I don’t follwo a specific religion, but I am religious in Buddism. I visited Hagaji temple in Obama City on the sea of Japan. Yes, Obama city. Obama means a small beach, so you can find Oabama in not many , but several parts of Japan. Hagaji’s master buddism statue is one of the most beautiful ones in Japan in my opinion. I cannot take a picture, but you can see it here.


I rented a Honda car below, it was a lemon, but I could survive while I was driving it. IMG_20150507_134604

The picture below is a sento, which is a  Japanese public bath that people pay to use. Nowadays, it is hard to run a sento because of shrinking number of customers and a high enerfy cost, but I am very pleased to find this kind of traditional sento near my home town. IMG_20150507_131025

I also visited Kehi Jingu Shrine, which is the highest ranked shrine in Fukui prefectue.  IMG_20150507_125949

Fortunately, Kehi jingu Shrine is located near the highly rated sushi restaurant in Tsuruga, so I visited it(Yasuke Sushi) for my lunch. IMG_20150507_123819

Last march, the newest Shinkanse line was opned between Tokyo and Kanazawa. I enjoyed riding it. Very fast and comfortable. IMG_20150507_071639

When I transfered a train at Komatsu station in Ishikawa prefecture, I found the headquarters of Komatsu near the station, which is a competitor of Caterpillar. As a shareholder of CAT, I was compelled to take a picture of it. IMG_20150507_110255

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Have a great weekend.


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  1. Thanks for sharing, DivSamurai. Japan is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit. Loved reading this post and day dreaming 🙂



    1. Dear R2R,

      I was glad that you enjoyed reading my travel post. The Sea of Japan side of Japan is less sunshine and less developed than the Pacific side of Japan,which includes Tokyo and Kyoto, but the food in general is very good.

      Thank you for stopping by.



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