Time to part with another very high yield stock – DX

I was very emotional last night when I was about to realize a huge loss with PSEC. Unfortunately, I got a warning from my check sheet below and it suggest that I sell DX (Dynex Capital) today.

Yield@cost Price@checked Return Total dividend After div return Yield Div/Cost
10.4% 7.7799 -15.4% 1,436 -0.7% 12.3% 14.9%

Its return has become negative (-0.7%) even after taking into account the total dividends I have received thus far.  100 out of 1050 DX shares have been sold, but there are 950 shares to go. I don’t know whether or not there is a buyer in other end. I used to receive about $1000 gross annual dividend income from DX. So this is another huge loss and tough lesson learned. No more lesson please.

P.S.  The rest of 950 shares were sold at $7.8. No DX shares in my account now.

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