ex-commercial cleaning worker has tuned to a professional stock investor with JPY 200M asset

Some months ago, a famous Japanese blogger introduced a news about a frugal ex-janitor in Vt who left millions to local library and hospital after his death.

In Japan we have a guy who has made financially independent by investing in Japanese stocks while earning just $30,000 annual salary with a commercial cleaning company. He is in his 40’s and live happily with his family. He keeps his investment blog and recently published his first book. According to the magazine who interviewed him, here’s a chronology how he became a millionaire.

1991: Graduated from college and landed a job at a food company.

Unknown: Quit the company due to stress

Unknown: Started to work for a commercial cleaning company as a part time employee through his grandmother’s introduction. Hourly wage was $10 and a monthly net income was $1,400

9 months later: Promoted to a permanent employee. Net salary increased to $2,200. He invested one third of his income in Japanese stocks. His portfolio was around $100,000 for 10 years or so.

2005 : Thanks to super bull market in Japan, his portfolio of $240,000 in September swelled to  $451,800 in December

2012 – 2013: At the beginning of Abenomics stock bubble, he made a millionaire by his stock investment.

2014: Quit the commercial cleaning company to become a full time investor because his asset exceeded $2,000,000.

According to the same interview, he is a value investor , not a dividend growth investor. He recommended the following five twitter accounts for good source of stock investment.     @kabu1000 @dsan2000 @daru1986 @rockon_cpa @slottersbar

I often stop by his blog and my impression about him is very intelligent. I cannot believe that he used to worked for a commercial cleaning company with very low salary. Every weekday, I come across cleaning workers in my office. Nowadays I often wonder whether or not there is a millionaire among them.




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