Dividend Update – CSCO, GE

Hello, how are you? I feel very good because tomorrow is a national holiday called Green Day (birthday of Emperor Hirohito).  I will have a nine day vacation from May 2 through May 10 because of what we call Golden Week and two paid vacations.

I am pleased to announce that I have received the following two dividends.

On April 22, I received $42 gross dividend from CSCO. After both US and Japanese income tax withheld, my net income is $30.14.

in addition, on April 27, I got $46 of gross dividend from GE. Thus far in April, I have made $692.74 of the dividend income from my US stock portfolio.

In the same month of last year, I made $1,024.55 out of dividend income. Therefore, I am still $331.81 behind on YOY basis.

monthly dividend trend




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