My US stock allocation by industry

I understand my categories of industry don’t match S&P 500’s, but I disclose the industry allocation of my US stock portfolio below.

stock allocation by industry Apr 2015

As you can see, my portfolio depends on three non-growing industries including energy, tobacco and telecom(38%). I know this is going to be problematic in the future. I think I should add more defensive industry stocks going forward. My note for the reader is the industry called “Yield”. This label is used to describe my high yield plays including HYG, PCEF,PSEC and CVY. If I were a really dividend growth investor, I shouldn’t have touched those stocks.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your portfolio sector allocation. I do this as well every few months just to see how I am allocated. Diversification is always a matter of personal preference and measure of risk tolerance for an individual investor. For example, I own no energy nor tech in my portfolio at this time because I am not comfortable holding those companies in a long term dividend growth portfolio. I may add some for a little exposure but not at this time. Thanks for sharing. By the way I had an awesome time in Japan last summer. I visited Kyoto and Tokyo for about 2 weeks. It was FUN!


    1. Dear DivHut,

      Thank you for leaving the first comment that this blog has ever had. I was very excited to see your comment. I really want to rebalance my portfolio, but yen’s dobule digit deprecistion against $ has made the situation trickey. My loss in $ is my profit in yen,so capital gain tax.

      Glad to know you enjoyed staying in Japan. Thank you for coming.

      Please stay in touch

      Best regards



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