Guy living under $300 a month

One of the blogs I have been following is young Japanese guy’s who lives in a rural area of Japan under the budget of $300 per month. Immediately graduating from his college, he set off a trip to South by motorcycle and he settled in the beach. He camped there and went to work for a nursing home in that area

He was fortunate to rent out a rundown house at $42.37 per month and plans to move to another old and rundown house which offers him a free rent. Here’s his income/expenses for March.

収入 income[JPY]

パート(手取り) Paycheck  193,687
アドセンス  Google AdSense 9,629
支出 Expenses [JPY]
家賃 rent                       5,000
電気 electrocity                 939
ガス utilities gas                 278
水道 utilities water           1,000
携帯料金  cell phone
通話料 voice                   1,774
通信料 data                      490
自宅の通信費 broadband  3,240
食費 grocery                   7,956
交通費 transportation       2,958
交際費  entertainment      2,328
日用品  incidentals           1,199
支出合計 total                27,162
His total expenses were JPY 27,162, which is about $230.
His paycheck was after income tax.
He may need to pay heath insurance and national pension, but given his income level, they may be another $150 per month I guess.
So he doesn’t need any investment income to be financially independent. His frugality allows him to retire any time, although he is still 26.
What a guy!




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