A japanese who has already retired and make living of solely from passive income

I am a native Japanese speaker and English is my second language. One of the advantages I have is to read English and Japanese blogs. This guy in his 40’s has been retired for some years. His latest portfolio and expected annual dividend income is written here.

For those who cannot read Japanese, here is a breakdown of his assets and expected income「JPY].

JP stocks : Invested     38,240,071 MKT Cap 68,998,877  Expected annual income  2,040,874
US stocks: Invested     17,296,879  MKT Cap 21,445,979  Expected annual income     961,872
China stocks: Invested   2,348,291  MKT Cap  3,347,709   Expected annual income    193,033
ASEAN stocks: Invested 2,340,842 MKT Cap 2,350,632   Expected annual income     94,365
Fund:             Invested 5,082640  MKT Cap  5,481,400   Expected annual income    831,600
Forex:     Invested 6,105,305   MKT Cap  7,114,535   Expected annual swap     1,159,240
Gold,etc:    Invested 1,799,449 MKT Cap  3,154,111    Expected annual income      none

Total Invested 73,213,477 MKT Cap 111,893,243 Expected annual income 5,280,984

As you can see, he is a winner. With JPY 5M income, his retirement life should be comfortable.

The most impressive component of his portfolio is Forex. His JPY 6M investment generates 1M annual swap income and now it has JPY 1M unrealized profits. Geneus! I cannot do the same thing.




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